In 2017 we went on bicycles from Lithuania through Belarus to Ukraine.
I would like to describe our route through Belarus (shortly) and interesting facts about this country.

We crossed the Belarusian border from Lithuania - in the Soleczniki town.
Then we went by bikes to Lida city and stayed for a night at the hotel. Lida is medium-sized city founded in the 14th century. You can visit there a castle built by Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas about 1320. Next day we went to Novogrudok town. On the way we crossed the Niemen River. Novogrudok is a town associated with the famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. It's not confirmed, but he could have been born there, for sure Adam Mickiewicz spent his childhood in Novogrudok. We spent quite a long time there because there are many sights. Then we went to Mir town. In Mir there is a Mir Castle Complex - which is on UNESCO World Heritage site. The castle is in good condition, really worth to see. There is a hotel within a castle complex. We stayed for a night - found very nice, not expensive agro hostel near the castle. Next day route was: Mir - Nyasvizh - Kletsk (night in hotel). In Nyasvizh there is also castle complex, even bigger and more famous than in Mir. It belongs to UESCO World Heritage list too, and partially belongs to Radziwil magnate family (former owners of the castle) - one room or something like that.  In Nyasvizh You can visit also Corpus Christi Church - one of the oldest baroque structures outside Italy, founded by Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwil. I was little disappointed that You vave to pay a fee to visit the Church, even the Belarusians were disgusted.

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