{besps}fatra/banerfatra{/besps}Small Fatra (org. Mala Fatra ) is chain of mountains lying in the north-west part Slovakia  
approximatelly 70 km from the border with Poland. This mountains are quite easy, mainly covered by forest
and in higher parties by grass.
The highest top of Small Fatra is Great Krywań (org. Velký Kriváň )
- 1708,7 m. On the background of grassy slopes, two rocky tops: Great Rozsutets (org. Velký Rozsutec )
 and Small Rozsutets (org. Malý Rozsutec ) present very characteristically. When we are walking across  Small
Fatra, we have to remember about characteristic clayey ground. After few rainy days, we will have
a clay go underfoot and can easily lose our shoes.

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