Approach from Poland::

There are several variants of the approach to Rodnian mountains. I have heard that the cheapest variant leads
through Ukraine, but personally I've choosen variant through Slovakia and Hungary. Our way was the following:

  •  in Poland to Piwniczna town - from there crossing the border by walk and by hitchhike to Stara Lubovna
    ( honestly speaking not recomended way, because of difficulties with catching hitchhike ) about 16 kilometers in total.
  • Stara Lubovna - Plaves - by train (leaving about 8.00 PM )
  • Plaves - through train to Hidasnemeti (Hungarian town ) at 3.30 AM
  • from Hidasnemeti - at 6.16 AM train to Csenger - small town on Hungary-Romania border
    ( 4 train changes in: Abujszanto, Szerencs, Nyigershaza, Mateszalka )
  • in Csenger we was at 4.00 PM - from the town to border is about 7 kilometers walking,
    it is adviced to have a good map of this area, because of difficulties in communication
    (people speak Hungarian here...)
  • From the border we were lucky - we caught hitchhike to Syghiet - a city in the north Romania.
    From Syghiet at 6.00 AM is a bus to Borsa - our destination place.


As it was mentioned before, I recommend guest-house "Borsa Turism" with small camping field. "Borsa Turism"
is managed by Dutchman, there are:  shower, warm water, fire place, benchs and very nice atmosphere.

Below photos of hostels where we slept, ate and drank:


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