{besps}karkonosze/banerkarkonosze{/besps}Karkonosze (also called Giant Mountains) are the highest and largest mountain chain in Sudetes mountain system. Located in the south - western Poland on the border with the Czech Republic. Karkonosze area is approximately 650 km2 of which over 2/3 is located on the Czech Republic side. But the highest peak Śnieżka (1602 m. above sea-level ) and many attractions such as Śnieżne Kotły (glacial cirques called: Snow boilers), most interesting rock formations, waterfalls are located in the Polish part of Karkonosze. The entire Sudetes mountain system, thus also Karkonosze are the oldest mountains in Poland. Formation of the Sudetes has started in the Precambrian era about 650 million years ago.
Currently, the entire main ridge of the Karkonosze is subject to strict protection. In 1933 nature reserves were established. They included glacial cirques: Śnieżne Kotły (Snow Boilers), Kocioł Małego Stawu (Little Pond Boiler), Kocioł Małego Stawu (Great Pond Boiler). The Karkonosze National Park was established in 1959. Karkonosze has probably the best  developed and extensive network of shelters in comparison to other mountain ranges in Poland.
This is caused by the fact that over the main ridge runs the state border, so Poland has a lot of shelters on its side and the Czech Republic as well. I counted 16 shelters on the main, red marked trail, (within half an hour away from the trail in both directions) from the Szrenicka alp to Okraj pass. A curiosity encounter at the main trail are imaginative state border posts.

Small gallery with state border posts below:


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