Moving around in Făgăraş mountains without own car is not easy. From the northern west You can go by train - the railway line: Sibiu (Sybin)  -
Fagarasz -Braszow, but personally I have gone from the north Romania - Rodnian mountains, by train. By the way Romanian railways
(website: , also in English ) are very comfortable (without the comparison to PKP - Polish railways), trains are not late,
prices are reasonable and the places of changes are given on Your ticket (as well as time of arrival  and departure).
I was adviced to stay on the camping field

in Cirta village, but despite good standard of camping, it is too far ( approx. 30-40 km ) from the mountains. From Cirta I went to heart of Făgăraş by hitchhike through Causcescu road - to the lake Balea Lac (something similar to Polish lake in Tatras - Morskie Oko). You can buy some things here, like: map, food ( from numerous street traders ). The curiosity are first boiled, and then the grilled maize ( corn ). There are two hotels - but quite expensive. However, You can set up camp everywhere You want and majority of tourists do so. In the mountains are several shelters, but you should know that tourists willing to stay at night can be more than available place inside.

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