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Approach from Poland::

By train and by car, the best way of approach seems to be way from Żywiec (Poland) via Zwardoń -Skalite to Žilina.

For tourists traveling by the train, I'd recommed to buy a ticket to the border (= Zwardoń), to cross the border by walk (approx. 3 km) and to catch the train in Skalite Serafinov to Žilina  (we have to buy the ticket in train). Such way requires the additional effort , but, for example - the direct personal train Katowice - Žilina costs more than 100zł and variant with the passage of the border on on foot - the total cost is
25 zloty (Katowice -Zwardoń + Skalite -Žilina ). If we have some free time, it is worth stopping in Žilina. Paved, quite narrow streets in the neighbourhood of this city ( having above 85 tys. of the citizens ) old market, have  their unique charm. From Žilina we have to go to the chosen locality  by bus (approx. 30 km ) on Small Fatra - this can be small villages: Štefanová or Vratna. Tourists having the car can stop in the larger  touristic town: Terchowá, but from here, should drive about 10 kilometers to reach the routes.


For tourists valuing the silence and quiet,

the recommended place to stay is small village: Štefanová.  There are several boarding-houses and private lodgings here. Accomodation in private lodgings costs approx. 8 - 9 Eur and in boarding-house 12- 15 Eur. This is the also excellent location to the start on pathways ( in example on Rozsutse, South Gruń, Stoh ) . Writing about accomodation in Štefanova, is worth to say about characteristic bus stop. This place fulfils many functions: here are: toilet, shop with souvenirs, the mini bar (I recommend beer "czapowane" and stronger alcohol drink: borovicka ), here is also the place to the seat.

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