I have for sale : dried fruit of wild rose (Rosa canina), without seeds, packed 50 g - 10 EUR per pack. Picked up, get rid of seeds and dried by hand at home. Fruits picked up in the area of the southern Poland, away from industrial areas. Added to the tea (4-5 flakes twice a week), they perfectly strengthen immunity - the fruit in the tea swells and you should eat them (taste slightly acidic, generally about) - tested on myself, since I've using, that is for about 3 years, I wasn't seriously ill.

For more details please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - regarding from which country are You, we can find the best shipping option. Payment via PayPal or on bank account.


Today (05.2017) I would like to show my experiences with internet advices. Below are the photos. Parsley grew out of the seeds, which I bought in supermarket. It is useless, has no nice smell, no taste even doesn't look nice :( . Second vegetable onion. I saw in the internet such advice, there were a pictures with beautiful chives. And my onion has been planted two months ago, and what ? absolutely nothing ...

Pawełki is a small village on the South of Poland. To get here You would have to take a direction to bigger town - Lubliniec, after town Kochcice and then ask.

Around 5 kilometers from village there is a wonderful place in the forest - a big area with rhododendrons. From my hometown it's around 40 kilometers so not so far to go there and back by bike in one day. In June when flowers are blooming - it's magic.


It's a pity that till now, I have no comments from this website visitors, and honestly speaking don't know if continue with this or not.

And what kind of contest is more desired: photos or routes descriptions or some kind of blog.

Anyway, today I'm presenting some photos from last weekend (04.09.2016), hope You will like it. It is small village in southern Poland - Borki Wielkie (opolskie district), around 25 km from my hometown.

By the way, I tried to send these photos to some photo contest, and see it make no sense. We are inundated with spam. Internet becomes more and more refuse dump operating on a slot machines. I realize that I made many mistakes in English, but damn, I'm a human, waiting for response from real people, not machines.


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